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Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to .... Mission Projects

What is a missions project

What is a REAL Ministries Mission Project?

Unfortunately many mission trips planned by many churches or other ministries far too often end up being just that, a trip. It seems that such trips end up one of two ways, or sometimes both. Either they end up being more about those taking the trip than truly being about the country being visited or teams aren’t trained well and come in with a messianic complex thinking they will change a nation in two weeks time. Both are counter-productive and insensitive to the work being done on the ground long-term. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many long-term missionaries dread the idea of bringing in short-term teams. And often only do so because a supporting church requests it.

Unlike mission trips our mission projects are highly structured and carefully planned to maximize the potential impact of the long-term work that is being already done on the ground in the specified location of the project. Our language is intentional and specific. We call them projects because they are projects that have clear objective and purpose that needs to be accomplished during a given period of time. It is never just about taking a trip to work alongside a missionary or church and hoping for the best. Such trips have their place but that is not what a mission project is. While we know that it is not likely that an entire nation will be changed in a few weeks time, we firmly believe that there can be some lives that are impacted and changed within that amount of time. And while our projects will almost always include an evangelistic component, a project is never just about evangelizing and taking off patting ourselves on that back from having gone and evangelized for a few weeks…. Evangelism is only the first part of the commission, after follows Baptism, and then teaching them to obey all that Jesus commanded… That takes a long-term commitment by someone on the ground. With all that said, let us explain the three main purposes of our short-term projects. There are of course others but these three are the main purpose….

1. To be a boost to the work already being done there.

This may sound obvious and straight forward but it is actually really methodical and planned out. It starts with a preliminary trip to a location a year out and to really build better face to face relationships with the natives or the missionaries on the ground and then together assess the needs of both the people and the work on the ground being done by the ministry. From there we come up with a tentative outline of a mission project plan based on that assessment and plan the whole project around that. And while evangelism will always be included in our projects (as souls lost and dead in their sins is always a need and the first command of missions) it is never left at that… That is why we try to include things like providing clean water-filters, medical clinics, service project days, church ministry, leadership conferences, youth conferences, VBS, women’s conferences, in home ministry and evangelism and whatever else the Lord opens up… All of these things are intentional and not randomly thrown together and done with the consideration of the long-term work being done there…

2. To train teams using our curriculum.

This is not a small part o a project for us at all. In training, people are taught the Gospel in its fullness, how to proclaim it, what the proper response to it should be, the importance of cultural differences, preparing spiritually through prayer, how to build a testimony, bonding with their brothers and sisters in Christ as a team is built and some many other intangibles along the way. And while this is indeed something based on the mission at hand and a short-term project, our curriculum is designed, worded and taught in a way that provokes those going through it (all the way up until the last session on the field when we talk about reentry) with the long-term lifestyle of the team in mind… Is it perfect? No of course not. But we are getting better at it every year and seeing more and more long-term fruit in the lives of those who go through it as well.

3. To build such a relationship with those that we are working with that we can in the future have a place to send would-be long-term missionaries through our organization to different places around the world.

This is still in its infancy as our ministry is just moving into being a sending organization but it is huge and makes the projects even more focused… And as our organization grows in this area, our projects will most-likely be done to aid our own missionaries on the ground in their long-term work being done in a given location and give them those adrenaline shots and boosts every ministry and missionary needs from time to time…