Global Mission Projects
Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to .... Mission Projects

What we do



Mark’s account of Jesus’ commission to His followers is to make those disciples through the preaching or proclamation of the Gospel. We are saved and regenerated into new creations by grace through putting our faith in Christ’s completed work on the Cross when we hear the message of the Gospel. (II Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 10:17) The Gospel is a message that has a beginning, middle and an end. And because it is a message that needs to be heard it is to be proclaimed boldly and in its fullness using the words of the message. We are doing our best to follow that commission by sharing and proclaiming the complete Gospel of Christ using every resource the modern world affords us to use.



A Mission project is highly structured and carefully planned short-term project to maximize the potential impact of the long-term work that is being already done on the ground in the specified location of the project. Our language is intentional and specific. We call them projects because they are projects that have clear objective and purpose that needs to be accomplished during a given period of time. It is never just about taking a trip to work alongside a missionary or church and hoping for the best but a holistic project geared towards serving the long-term work being done on the ground by those serving there full-time. While we know that it is not likely that an entire nation will be changed in a few weeks time, we firmly believe that some lives can be, and often times are impacted and changed within that amount of time.


In Matthew 28 Jesus commissioned His disciples saying: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” We are committed to do our part to follow this command in its entirety. We are a Great Commissional organization with a global focus. We are first and foremost a sending organization committed to sending out full-time missionaries who are Great Commissionally focused with a passion to make disciples who make disciple who make disciples. We desire to see missionaries sent to every region of the globe with nowhere being off limits.


Once a person becomes a disciple through putting their faith in Jesus and being regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus said that are to baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and then taught to obey everything Jesus commanded. How should that be done? Following the same model Jesus used with His disciples while He was here on earth. Jesus is a God of relationship. As He modeled in His relationship with His disciples here on Earth, we too are committed and passionate to teach, train and equip people from all walks of life, to be followers of Christ through relationship and a spirit of biblical community.


The Bible says in I John 3:18, “Let us not love by words or by tongue but by action and in truth.” We echo this statement by living lives of love not only by our words, but also through action and in truth. We demonstrate this through our commitment of helping, praying and caring for the poor and less fortunate, the sick and addicted, orphans and widows, the elderly and forgotten, the brokenhearted and anyone else God may lead us to through our full-time missionaries on the ground, mission projects, and through other selective vehicles of delivery that Lord leads us to use.


Throughout history the arts have always influenced and impacted people from all cultures and backgrounds. This trend continues today, but in ways never before seen. With the explosion of the Internet and advances in mass communication, the arts combined with technology are reaching more audiences than ever before. We are passionate about creatively communicating the message of Jesus with people around the world using this powerfully effective combination.


A single event changed the course of human history when Jesus went to the cross and paid the penalty for our sins, and a single event can change the course and direction of a person’s life and eternal future when the good news of Jesus is shared. While this is now a small part of who we are and is not something that we spend a great deal of time on anymore, we do believe that there is still a place for such times of equipping, refreshing, and of course proclaiming the Gospel. And when we do participate in such endeavors, be it alone or partnering alongside others, we strive to do them with excellence and the highest quality of professionalism and integrity.