Global Mission Projects
Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to .... Mission Projects

Mission Projects

The Mission Project Experience

We are very intentional about using the expression “Mission Project” rather than the more commonly used mission trips when building our teams for such projects. What’s the difference between a short-term mission trip and a mission project? Well to put it plainly, more times than not mission trips unfortunately end up just being mere trips more than anything else.

A mission project on the other hand is a carefully planned and designed project centered around the long-term work being done on the ground at the given location.

While it is a reality that no short-term project, regardless of how well it has been planned, is likely to change an entire nation over the course of a couple of weeks. Such projects can however, change some lives for all of eternity and truly enhance the greater work being done by the churches, ministries and the missionaries serving for the long-term.

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Global Projects in Rwanda and Peru for 2018!

We are currently in the planning stages of attempting two global mission projects this year. The first will be a return visit and new project to the nation of Rwanda that will take place in August. And the second will be in the nation of Peruin November. Please prayerfully consider joining us in these endeavors.

Some of the details of Project Rwanda 2018 are listed below and Peru’s details will be added as they develop.

Project Rwanda 2018

2 weeks of life-changing impact and doing your part to reach the nations for Jesus!

“Making Disciples of All Nations…” Evangelistic Endeavors:

Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” This involves solid Biblically based evangelism which means the proclamation of the Gospel in its entirety and in its fullness. This year, as part of the team you will be trained on how to properly share the Gospel and call people to faith in Jesus Christ and then implement that which you have been trained during your time with us in either Rwanda (August 2018) or Peru (November 2018). Evangelism opportunities for you as a team member may include, but are not limited to, open air preaching, in-home evangelism, public proclamation at some of the humanitarian endeavors of the project, and street ministry.

Fighting the Famine

Rwanda is suffering from a couple of seasons of diseased crops which has created a famine in many areas. As part of our project in July we are looking to aid the local church that is there to try help meet some of the most basic needs of the people in the communities of those churches, by providing basic food rations to those suffering the most. Such acts of compassion and mercy show the love of the Jesus we will be proclaiming in a tangible and real way. Please pray about being a part of this endeavor and joining our team on the ground in Rwanda.

Clean Water Filters

Rwanda is a developing country and access to clean water in many ways is still a great need. In fact, in more rural areas of there is still a great deal of disease and deaths from diseases contracted from consuming unclean drinking water. To help reduce this and demonstrate the love of Christ in the process, we will be strategically distributing some of the most powerful water-filters science has developed that clean the dirtiest of water making it pure and healthy to drink.

Medical Clinics and Seminars

We are passionate about both proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus and demonstrating its implications. And we believe one of the greatest demonstrations of Christ’s love in a tangible way is to provide medical care and education to those who are in need of it. As part of Project Rwanda 2018 we will have a small medical team on the ground serving at a clinic and providing educational seminars to the local people to help alleviate or reduce the amount of preventable conditions and diseases that are common in Rwanda.

Social Projects

To maximize the effectiveness of a Mission Projects it is vital to combine our public proclamation of the Gospel with our public demonstration of its implications. Acts of service within the given community of a project through tangible acts of service is one of the greatest ways to demonstrate the love of Christ to those you are preaching His Gospel to. As a part of Project Rwanda 2018  there will be a variety of different service opportunities to bless the community we are trying to reach for team members to be involved in.

The Details…

  • Dates: 2nd through the 15th of August, 2018 (Dates subject to slight changes)
  • Cost: $3200.00 (Includes round trip flight from either New York or Boston)
  • Application deadline: 1st of June, 2018(To download application Click Here)
  • Travel Documents: Valid Passport and Indian Visa (Not included in project participant cost)
  • Financial Obligation: Paid in full by required deadlines
  • Team Training: Team Training is Mandatory (Distance will be accommodated for if necessary)
  • Other Requirements: Come With a Heart to Serve