Global Mission Projects
Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to .... Mission Projects

Global Mission Projects

The Mission Project Experience

We are very intentional about using the expression “Mission Project” rather than the more commonly used mission trips when building our teams for such projects. What’s the difference between a short-term mission trip and a mission project? Well to put it plainly, more times than not mission trips unfortunately end up just being mere trips more than anything else.

A mission project on the other hand is a carefully planned and designed project centered around the long-term work being done on the ground at the given location.

While it is a reality that no short-term project, regardless of how well it has been planned, is likely to change an entire nation over the course of a couple of weeks. Such projects can however, change some lives for all of eternity and truly enhance the greater work being done by the churches, ministries and the missionaries serving for the long-term.

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2020 Global Project info coming soon.

We are currently exploring options and seeking the Lord for how proceed with Global Mission Projects in 2020. Please keep us in your prayers!

Global Mission Project 2020 (TBA)

2 weeks of life-changing impact and doing your part to reach the nations for Jesus!

“Making Disciples of All Nations…” Evangelistic Endeavors:

Our mission projects always have and always will be Great Commission focused. For us this means being obedient in the command to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” This involves solid Biblically based evangelism which means the proclamation of the Gospel in its entirety and in its fullness. This year, as part of the team you will be trained on how to properly share the Gospel and call people to faith in Jesus Christ and then implement that which you have been trained during your time with us in the Philippines. Evangelism opportunities for you as a team member may include, but are not limited to, open air preaching, in-home evangelism, public proclamation at some of the humanitarian endeavors of the project, and street ministry.

You give them something to eat.

The community that we will be working with in the Philippines is among the poorest of the poor. As part of our project in December we will be aiding the local church that is there to try help meet some of the most basic needs of the people in the communities that they serve by visiting the homes of locals providing basic food rations to those most in need and presenting the Gospel to them. Such acts of compassion and mercy show the love of the Jesus we will be proclaiming in a tangible and real way. Please pray about being a part of this endeavor through financial support or by joining our team on the ground in the Philippines.

Church Land Purchase and Construction

We believe that the hope of the world is of course Jesus Christ, but that hope is primarily expressed to the world through local churches. This year we have the opportunity to help a young local pastor on the ground, who is under the authority of another local church in the area who plants churches throughout the Philippines, purchase a piece of land and construct a church building for them. This will obviously be the largest focus of this year’s project because it will have the longest long-term implications for the work being done on the ground by the locals.

Medical Clinics and Seminars

We are passionate about both proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus and demonstrating its implications. And we believe one of the greatest demonstrations of Christ’s love in a tangible way is to provide medical care and education to those who are in need of it. As part of the Philippines Project we will have a small medical team on the ground serving at a clinic and providing educational seminars to the local people to help alleviate or reduce the amount of preventable conditions and diseases that are common among the poor communities in the Philippines.

Ministry at a Home for Girls

The sending church of the pastor working in the primary community our project will be focused in also has a home for girls who have been rescued from unjust circumstances and/or abusive family situations. Many of the girls have experienced horrific sexual abuses but are now experiencing the healing power of the Gospel that cleanses us both from our own sin and the sins that have been committed against us.

We will have the opportunity to come into the girls home and have the opportunity to be a beacon of hope and light to the girls who are there as God’s representatives and fellow siblings in Christ Jesus.

The Details…

  • Dates: 30th of November through the 14th of December, 2019 (Dates subject to slight changes)
  • Cost: $2850.00 (Includes round trip flight from either New York or Boston)
  • Application deadline: 1st of October, 2019 (To download application Click Here)
  • Travel Documents: Valid Passport and Filipino Visa (Not included in project participant cost)
  • Financial Obligation: Paid in full by required deadlines
  • Team Training: Team Training is Mandatory (Distance will be accommodated for if necessary)
  • Other Requirements: Come With a Heart to Serve